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Manhattan Eye and Ear

Ophthalmology Alumni Foundation


History of MEF

The Manhattan Eye and Ear Ophthalmology Alumni Foundation was formerly the MEETH Foundation, a division of MEETH Associates, which was founded over 40 years ago.  It was created by the generosity of the attending ophthalmologists at MEETH who elected to invest a portion of their income to create a foundation dedicated to the education of ophthalmology residents, fellows and attending physicians.  Over the years more than a million dollars have been given to support residency programs (MEETH and NYU) and fellows.  In addition equipment has been donated and named lectures supported.  The Manhattan Eye and Ear Ophthalmology Alumni Foundation  has now embarked in new and exciting directions to include offering generous research grants to residents and fellows in the downstate area, creating a website for alumni to reconnect, remember MEETH and learn about it today, as well as writing a book titled  Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital: 150 Years of Visionary History. Excerpts of this book appear on the website and we encourage the purchase of the complete volume for a good read.  Funds received will provide additional income for Foundation research grants and educational activities. We have plans for an annual Foundation named lecture and instituted an Ophthalmology Internship Program for underprivileged students who are interested in pursuing a career in Medicine. The Board of Directors of the Manhattan Eye and Ear Ophthalmology Alumni Foundation is committed to the preservation of the historical significance of MEETH as an institution as well as to the contributions of its physicians who were such an important part of the 150 year story..

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